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Likarda, Inc.

10330 Hickman Mills Drive

Suite B

Kansas City, MO 64137

P: (816) 605-6440


Likarda is a leading biotech company specializing in the development of enabling technologies for the delivery of cell therapies, large molecules, and traditional drugs. These advancements enhance therapeutic efficacy and offer patients a sustainable solution for their chronic or life-threatening diseases. At the heart of Likarda’s innovation is the Core-Shell Spherification® (CSS) technology platform. This revolutionary approach coats cells and biologics with inert materials, ensuring that they remain and function at their intended location within the body and are shielded from immediate clearance or long-term rejection—releasing their therapeutic payloads in a custom design fashion. In addition, the CSS technology also protects cells during freezing and thawing. Storing and transporting cells can be as expensive as manufacturing them in the first place. By placing the cells in Likarda’s encapsulants, the cells are protected during freezing, shipping and thawing resulting in a more functional product to be administered to the patient.

Likarda customizes the encapsulant to the needs of the therapy. We have manufactured over 50 different formulations that fall into 5 different categories. AegisCell and LiberaCell are used for logistics challenges. EnduraCell is meant for long-lasting immune protection for the therapy, while both VitaCell and ViscoCells are controlled-release formulations for cells and biologics.


Cell Therapy Carriers

Likarda’s solutions offer precise spatial and temporal control over cell delivery while boosting engraftment, survival, and function. Characteristics can be modified to customize the porosity, degradation rates, and immunomodulatory properties, enabling finer control over the therapeutic environment, optimizing viability and function. They can either be designed to be long-lasting offering long-term protection of cells from the immune system to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes. Hydrogel microbeads can also be designed to degrade and release cells in a controlled manner, enabling cells to release and function locally within a defined period of time (days, weeks, or months). This enables localized cell release at the target site of injection while protecting from immune attack and clearance, improving cell persistence and overall efficacy. 


Cold-Chain Logistics

Many advanced therapies including cells, vaccines, and proteins need to be kept cold during storage and transportation to maintain their potency. Cells are generally frozen and inventoried in liquid nitrogen while other biologics may be kept at deep freeze temperatures including -80C. Shipping these products requires additional considerations as they need to be shipped at these ultra-cold conditions, increasing shipping complexity. The freeze-thaw processes can place added stress and damage these sensitive materials. Likarda offers promising solutions to protect in these cold-chain environments.


Small Molecule & Biologics Carriers

CSS can be tailored to load a wide range of therapeutics beyond cells. This can be via physical entrapment of the molecules or via chemical binding. The microbeads provide a depot that allows sustained release over time. They are especially suitable for protein and peptide delivery as their high water content helps to preserve protein stability and bioactivity. These release kinetics can be tuned by the degree of crosslinking and degradation times among other factors. This enables a longer sustained effective drug activity level while reducing initial spikes and off-target effects.


The diversity of Likarda’s formulations enables co-delivery of synergistic therapies which could include multiple drugs or cell-drug combinations.


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