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Missouri Biotechnology Association is pleased to announce the appointment of our 2022-2023 board of directors.


Missouri Biotechnology Association (MOBIO) is the only statewide membership group that speaks with one voice to advance and champion the life sciences in Jefferson City, across the state, and in Washington, D.C. MOBIO represents most extensive and broadest cross-section of life science organizations including businesses, higher education, medical research, start-ups, agri-science and related firms involved in research, development, and commercialization of the life sciences. MOBIO serves to connect, develop, and advance the state’s bioscience community.

MOBIO members benefit from a strategic focus to support the enrichment and growth of the biosciences in Missouri through:

Statewide Network

MOBIO connections make a difference, specializing in meaningful business-to-business engagements and bridging: 

  • A network of diversified thought leaders
  • Business leaders with policymakers
  • Entrepreneurs with investors
  • Members to greater market potential 

Members connect at regional, national, and international levels with science, education, and commercial networks to advance business and enrich the industry. 

MOBIO is the catalyst, accelerating growth and leveraging high-value relationships for our vibrant life sciences community. 

Science & Policy

MOBIO advocates for Missouri’s life sciences and technology sectors.  Maintaining a sophisticated understanding of current dynamics, MOBIO serves as your trusted voice for bipartisan engagement and leadership within the Missouri State Capitol.

  • MOBIO forges meaningful relationships between public and private sector leaders to:
  • Defend companies large and small
  • Obtain and safeguard public investment
  • Secure state funding for Missouri's life science industry 

The strength of MOBIO's collective voice consistently delivers a compelling message to advance pro-science, pro-business legislative policy.    

Member Savings

MOBIO saves members real money, providing access to numerous partner organizations that offer significant discounts on relevant industry products and services.

  • R & D
  • Laboratory
  • Finance & Administration
  • Facilities & Operations
  • Communications & Data

All MOBIO members are entitled to preferred purchasing power. There is NO fee to participate.

MOBIO Member Highlight

The KC Animal Health Corridor (Corridor) stretches from Columbia and St. Joseph, Missouri, to Manhattan, Kansas. Within this area, there are over 300 companies and 20,000 people working in animal health. The companies located in the Corridor are responsible for 56 percent of total worldwide animal health, diagnostics, and pet food sales and represent the largest concentration of animal health companies and service providers in the world.

Since its commencement 17 years ago, the Corridor’s mission has remained the same: Support the growth of existing companies in the Corridor and create an environment where new companies can grow and thrive. We accomplish this goal through the implementation of strategic priorities that are approved by the Board. Representatives of the Corridor Board are CEOs from the major animal health companies in the region and the Dean of the Veterinary College at Kansas State University and the University of Missouri. The Corridor’s strategic priorities are 1) workforce development 2) innovation 3) public policy and 4) industry engagement. 


But there’s more to the Corridor than just being located within the world’s largest concentration of the animal health industry. A variety of value-added benefits contribute to the growth and success of the companies in the Corridor, including:

  • Networking
  • Specialized Education & Training
  • Research Collaboration
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Specialized Tax & Incentive Programs
  • Business Relocation Assistance

When companies choose the Corridor as a location, they gain unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and growth.

o 816.374.5627
m 816.654.3617

MOBIO Breakthrough

Join us for MOBIO's Breakthrough of the Month series, where we explore Missouri's new and sometimes hidden biotech industry.  

This is a FREE presentation open to those in the life-science community. 


Stinson LLP:  Explore How Intellectual Property Touches All Aspects of your Business

Join us for MOBIO's Breakthrough, where Stinson LLP attorneys will discuss how intellectual property touches all aspects of your business and the importance of protecting this valuable asset. The presentation will touch on:

·   Protecting your organization's commercial products and assets with patents/trademarks/copyrights/trade secrets

·   Asserting your IP rights

·   Licensing your IP

·   The role IP plays in M&A

Presenters from Stinson LLP will include:

·   Jeannie Boettler, Partner, Intellectual Property & Technology

·   Steve Kazmierksi, Ph.D., Partner, Intellectual Property & Technology

·   Penny Slicer, Partner, Intellectual Property & Technology

·   Ben Woodard, Partner, Employment

Tuesday, June 7, from 10:00 - 10:45 CDT


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