MOBIO's leadership continues to speak with one voice and together we have championed the life sciences and bio-technology for over a decade. Maintaining a sophisticated understanding of current dynamics, MOBIO serves as your trusted voice for bipartisan engagement and leadership.  MOBIO forges meaningful relationships between public and private sector leaders to: 

• Defend companies large and small

• Obtain and safeguard public investment

• Secure state funding for Missouri’s life science industry 

The strength of MOBIO's collective voice consistently delivers a compelling message to advance pro-science, pro-business environment. 

Mexico Measures on Agricultural Biotechnology Letter 11/17/21

Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) Letter 10/29/21

Multi-Cancer Early Detection Coverage Act 8/27/21

A Declaration from Members of the World’s Biotechnology Sector On Global Access to COVID Vaccines & Treatments and the Role of Intellectual Property   6/10/21

Republican Governors Association Summit  6/2/21

Missouri HR3 Statement of Opposition Letter 5/28/2021